Man with banner saying truck off you tankers

Sending a message to the fuel tax protestors. Photo: Lindsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth


An efficient transport system is vital to how Cardiff functions. People have to travel to work, to shop, to school and to other facilities. Businesses have to transport goods and be accessible to customers.

Traffic congestion caused by cars happens every day during the morning and evening peak times in Cardiff and it is is getting worse. Traffic is a major source of local air pollution and is a major contributor to climate change.

Cardiff County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government need to take measures to reduce traffic levels by encouraging people to switch whenever possible to walking, cycling, train or bus. They can also reduce the need to travel by making good planning decisions.

Traffic reduction:

  • Brings economic gains to city centre retailing
  • Brings national economic benefits
  • Improves neighbourhoods and communities
  • Reduces the amount of money spent on new infrastructure
  • Improves people's health
  • Reduces climate change
  • Helps the young, the disabled and the poor.

These improvements could be funded by introducing a congestion charge in Cardiff.

The Government plans to expand UK airports which will create huge environmental problems from noise and climate change.

What you can do

  • Reduce the number of car journeys you make. Walk, cycle or use public transport when possible. If it is essential to use the car, try to combine trips.
  • If you have children, ask their school to provide Safe Routes to School so they can walk or cycle instead of you having to drive them.
  • Ask your employer to draw up a Green Transport Plan to reduce car travel to work.
  • Avoid flying wherever possible. Either travel by another method, or better still,spend your holidays in the UK.