New waste collection days

For later collection days please consult the calendar in the centre of the recycling and waste collection booklet delivered by the council or visit the Cardiff Council website.

Adamsdown - Thursdays

The start of the new collections are -

Black bin/Black bag dates: 22 Sept, 6 Oct
Green bin/Bio-bag dates: 15 Sept, 29 Sept

Butetown - Tuesdays

Zero waste policy

lorry picking up recycling

A doorstep recycling scheme in operation Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Instead of sending waste to landfill or for incineration we should recycle or compost it.

Friends of the Earth believes that councils should adopt Zero Waste policies as a goal to be achieved within 25 years. Zero waste means we should:


Three compost bins

Compost bins at Centre for Alternative Technology
Photo: Lyndsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Making your own compost is satisfying and good for the garden as well as the environment. Best of all, compost is free. You can make it without spending a penny.

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