energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Stone building covered in earth

A passive solar corridor and good insulation helps keep the temperature constant in this earth sheltered berm house so it requires no heating system. Photo: Lyndsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Help protect us from pollution

chemicals pouring from a pipe into a stream

Photo: Robert Brook, Science Photo Library

The Cabinet Minister, Oliver Letwin, is considering scrapping all green safeguards and replacing them with a single 50-page document.

This would mean our protection from pollution could be dangerously simplified. He is consulting on scrapping Laws on:

Facebook 'friends' renewable energy

corridor of computer cabinets

Facebook has pledged to work with Greenpeace to source more renewable energy to power its giant data centres.

The social networking company announced yesterday that it will work with Greenpeace to increase the energy efficiency of its IT infrastructure, switch from coal to renewable energy where possible, and promote clean energy to its millions of users.

Cardiff Council needs to get serious about CO2

Workman installing cavity wall insulation

Image: © Friends of the Earth

The Climate Change Act commits the UK to cut climate change emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. Local councils must take action if we are to hit the target. Local councils in Wales control a budget of £4 billion a year.

Chris Hune ignores council climate change petition

Two men installing a solar panel on a roof

Photo: © Friends of the Earth.

Energy Minister Chris Hune has ignored a petition signed by over 10,000 people asking that the independent Committee on Climate Change gives advice to councils on how to cut climate gas emissions.

Sign the petition for energy saving

Green tick


We've got Ministers to talk about council action on climate change emissions. They have declared action by councils to be 'vital' to meeting our Climate Change Act targets.

The Energy Bill is meant to drive energy efficiency nationwide, but it still doesn't include a commitment to councils taking action on climate change.

Help strengthen the Government's Energy Bill

House with solar panels

Image: © Paul Glendell, Friends of the Earth.

The Government's Energy Bill is an important opportunity to move to a low-carbon economy. The Government's minimum energy efficiency standard amendment to the Energy Bill is not strong enough.

The Government must do more to deliver the energy efficiency measures needed in our homes and communities to help meet existing Climate Change Act and fuel poverty commitments.

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