Free Vadim Shebanov

Man being led away by two riot policemen

Photo: Friends of the Earth Ukraine/Зелений світ.

LEGO buys wind turbines

Lego model wind turbine

Cardiff Friends of the Earth welcome the decision by LEGO's parent company to buy almost a third of a German offshore wind power project. This will allow LEGO to add a label to its boxes saying that it uses wind energy.

Push for EU climate change action

UN logo with globe on it warming up

European environment ministers will meet on 10 October to discuss the next UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa.

Millions of people across the world are already affected by the impacts of climate change. The outcome of the climate summit in December is crucial for the future of the planet and people who live on it.

Save Sumava National Park

Four policemen carrying a protester in forest.

Czech police carrying away a protestor. Photo: Hnutí DUHA - Přátelé Země Česká republika

Please join Friends of the Earth Czech Republic in calling on their government to abandon plans to cut down large areas of previously protected forest rich in biodiversity and home to endangered wildlife.

Tell Euro MPs to put their best hoof forward

Black and white cow 

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Thousands across Europe have joined us in calling for planet-friendly farming in Europe's farm policy reform. Because of this MEPs have accepted the need to:

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