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Tell Ecuador to investigate murder of activist

Marlon Lozano Yulan

Marlon Lozano Yulan. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Ecuadorian land activist Marlon Lozano Yulan, of the Tierra y Vida (Land and Life) was murdered in Guayaquil, Ecuador on July 20 2011.

Pressure the Colombian authorities to find Sandra Viviana

Photo of Sandra Viviana

Civil society organisations in Colombia have reported the disappearance of Sandra Viviana Cuellar Gallego, in Cali on February 17 2011.

Sandra is a 26 year-old environmental engineer who works on water, basin protection and wetland issues. Her work involves advocating for the equal participation of local communities in the environmental decisions that affect them. She used to work with Censat Agua Viva / Friends of the Earth Colombia on forestry issues.

The deadly impacts of soya production

Silvino Talavera

Intensive livestock production in the UK and Europe relies on the import of large quantities of high protein animal feed. This feed is mostly made from soya, which is now being grown on a massive scale in South America. This expansion of soya production results in rainforest destruction in Brazil and and many communities losing their land.

Tell the Mexican President not to do secret deals at the UN Climate Talks

Warming globe

** Campaign update **

Mexico has promised there'll be no secret proposal at the UN Climate Change in Cancun. A big thank you to everyone who took action on this. You were a key part of securing this promise.


Action taken by Friends of the Earth supporters like you has helped break down some of the disgraceful restrictions on civil society groups that we saw in Copenhagen.

Tell Mexico not to repeat the climate talk mistakes of Denmark

The UN climate change talks have started in Cancun, Mexico.

If we want to prevent catastrophic climate change and avoid the mistakes made at last year's Copenhagen talks by a Danish government desparate to get a deal. We must send a clear message to the Mexican Foreign Minister, Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, not to repeat them at the climate talks in Cancun.

Cardiff Food Chain website launched

fix the food chain logo

The UK Government's current farming policy:

Fix the Food Chain

fix the food chain logo

The meat and the dairy industry produces more climate-changing emissions than every plane, train and car on the planet. The food chain links factory farms in the UK to the rainforests of South America where huge soy plantations are wiping out wildlife and making climate change worse.

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