NHS staff ditch their cars

Cyclist riding on segregated cycle path

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

A three-year project by Sustrans at Welsh hospitals has cut car use as staff cycle, walk or car-share instead. At some hospitals single-occupancy car use has fallen by 15 percent.

Regular exercise such as cycling and walking improves the health of staff and reduces absenteeism and sickness rates. It also improves the hospital environment for staff, patients and visitors.

Bute Park winter opening extended

 cyclist and walkers on the Millenium Bridge, Bute Park

Cyclists and walkers using Bute Park. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Cardiff Council have announced that they will keep Bute Park open until 7pm during October, November and December to allow commuters to walk and cycle through the park.

More money for sustainable transport

Traffic jam on Newport Road, Cardiff

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Cardiff Friends of the Earth welcome the announcement by the Welsh Assembly Government this week that they are giving £6m more to develop sustainable transport across the Wales over the next year.


Cyclists wearing swiming gear beside the River Ely

Local group members try to cross the River Ely


Walking is cheap, healthy and non-polluting. It joins other form of transport together.

In 2004 12 percent of journeys to work in Cardiff were made by walking. In Wales:

  • 28 percent of all travel is by walking
  • 81 percent of journeys less than one mile are made by walking

Encouraging walking

Walking should be encouraged by:

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