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Help save the world by eating chocolate

Gluten-free chocolate and almond cake

Cafés and restaurants in Cardiff are helping to spread the message about the need to take action on climate change. They are adding a 'Climate Change Special' made with Fair Trade chocolate to their menu during the Paris climate change talks.

Wales Climate Day of Action - Pedal for the Planet

Cyclists at the Senedd building

There was a huge turnout of people at the Wales Climate Day of action. They braved the cold and wet to send a message to the world leaders meeting in Paris in a few weeks that they wanted them to produce to a strong and effective climate change agreement. The people at the Day of Action were of all ages, and of all political parties.

Save our drinking water

Save our water

Photo: Friends of the Earth

The Government promised to protect our drinking water from fracking. But now they want to let fracking companies drill straight through drinking water aquifers.

The Government's own report found that even an indirect exposure to contaminated water from fracking could create health risks. Clean drinking water is a precious resource and essential to life. We must not risk polluting it.

Tell Amber Rudd to keep support for solar

A family standing outside a house with solar panels on it.

Photo: Friends of the Earth

In May Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said she wanted to unleash a “solar revolution”. Instead she is planning to cut support for solar by 87%.

If these cuts go through:

Tell Barclays to stop funding fracking

Barclays, stop fracking in North Yorkshire

Barclays own fracking company Third Energy, who want to frack in beautiful Ryedale, North Yorkshire. They want to drill up to 950 wells at 19 sites, each generating more than 900 HGV trips.

People in Yorkshire don’t want fracking: it puts their health and homes at huge risk and it goes against everything we need to do to stop climate change.

Help save rooftop solar energy in the UK

Workmen installing a solar panel on a house roof

Photo: Friends of the Earth

The Government plans to remove support for solar, just when it was finding its feet.

They want to scrap the Feed in Tarrif for solar power. An estimated 20,000 people could lose their jobs as a result.

Around a million homes, schools and hospitals will lose out on solar installations – according to the Government’s own figures.

Cardiff Council has over £105 Million in risky fossil fuel investments

oil rig at sunset with yellow sky

Photo: Kate Truitt

Cardiff Council has invested an astonishing £27.6 million of public money directly through their workers pension fund in fossil fuel companies like BP and Shell. With a further £77.6 million estimated to be invested in fossil fuel companies through investment funds.

Tell your MP to save solar energy in the UK

A family with solar panels on their house

© Friends of the Earth

The Government have announced plans to remove all support for solar, putting real jobs and vital progress on clean energy at risk.

Without urgent action:

Stop the government's attack on solar energy

Men installing solar panels

Photo: Friends of the Earth


The Government wants to stop communities switching to clean solar energy to tackle climate change.

Schools, hospitals, and businesses have been installing solar panels and getting free energy from the sun.

But now the Government wants to stop all new solar projects.

Help us stop the Government’s attack on clean energy.

Reasons not to back fracking

Blackpool fracking driling rig with trees and hills in the background

Photo: ELN

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