Climate and Energy

New climate change agreement needed

Cyswllt hinsawdd affrica. The african climate connection.

The UN climate change talks will take place in Durban, South Africa from 29 November to 9 December 2011.

Time is running out for an ambitious global deal on climate change to be agreed, as the Kyoto Protocol is due to end next year. We urgently need a follow-on agreement if we are to keep emissions under control and avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change.

We want the Government to:

EDF profit at customer's expense

EDF off

EDF Energy are expected to announce huge profits today as their energy bills soar.

They are one of the worst offenders for choking support for clean energy - calling for lower renewable energy targets whilst making mega bucks from nuclear.

EDF Energy has 20 percent of the UK energy market. In the UK EDF Energy owns seven nuclear power stations, two coal-fired power stations, and two gas-fired stations.

Things EDF Energy don't want you to know:

The African Climate Connection

African man standing on cracked dry earth, dry grass and leafless tree in background

African farmer surveys his drought stricken land.

The threat of unstoppable climate change gets ever closer and many governments seem to be doing very little to prevent it. It is vital we get politicians to sit up and take notice.

Many voluntary organisations are planning African-themed events during the first week of the UN Climate talks in Durban at the end of November.

Cardiff Council needs to get serious about CO2

Workman installing cavity wall insulation

Image: © Friends of the Earth

The Climate Change Act commits the UK to cut climate change emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. Local councils must take action if we are to hit the target. Local councils in Wales control a budget of £4 billion a year.

Councils to get climate advice

Two men installing a solar panel on a roof

Photo: © Friends of the Earth.

People from Cardiff have helped the UK take an important step towards cutting climate-changing emissions.

Thousands of people demanded that councils need independent expert advice to help cut carbon emissions in their area - and now they will get it.

Action councils have taken to cut CO2

Installing solar thermal panels on a roof

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

Chris Hune ignores council climate change petition

Two men installing a solar panel on a roof

Photo: © Friends of the Earth.

Energy Minister Chris Hune has ignored a petition signed by over 10,000 people asking that the independent Committee on Climate Change gives advice to councils on how to cut climate gas emissions.

Stop Hinkley C nuclear plant

Roulette wheel with nuclear symbols

The government wants to gamble our future on nuclear. Image: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth.

Hinkley Point on the Somerset coast near Bridgewater is the site of two existing nuclear power stations. It is just 16 miles across the Severn Estuary from Cardiff.

Stop Shell gas flaring in Nigeria

Two children watching a Shell horizontal gas flare in Nigeria

Children in the Niger Delta look on at a Shell horizontal gas flare.
© Elaine Gilligan / Friends of the Earth

Despite promises made by Shell since the 1990s to stop flaring the 'associated' gas released in oil production in Nigeria, Shell flared more gas in 2010 than it did in 2009 in the West African country.

Help stop coal mining in Australia

Crowd of people in a park watching man showing a model of a drilling rig.

Murwillumbah rally. Photo: Lock the Gate Alliance

Mecrus Resources has lodged applications for Exploration Permits for three districts in the south-west of the State of Victoria in Australia. The company wants to conduct soil and rock sampling and drilling to establish the presence of minerals.

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