The Tesco terror

Tescopoly - Every little hurts 

Tesco is the world's third largest retailer. Its worldwide profits increased 12 per cent to £3.8bn in the year 2010-11. Of this £2,504m was earned in the UK. What they don't tell us is that:

MPs vote on new meat and dairy law

A chicken, cow and pig, a balloon saying CO2, a bag of soya feed, a chainsaw and a pile of logs.

On 12 November 2010 MPs voted on the Sustainable Livestock Bill. Unfortunately it has fallen short of the 100 votes it needed to move to the next stage.

Early on in the debate we believed had the 100 MPs we needed to vote yes for the Bill. The incredible final push from our supporters had persuaded more than enough MPs to support our Bill.

TV comics star with talking cow in farmyard farce

Detective questioning a cow

** Campaign update **

The video is still available if you want to watch it even though the campaign has closed.

The Fast Show's Simon Day and Rhys Thomas star as hapless detectives certain they've rumbled the leader of a major crime racket in 'Moodunit?' Impressionist Alistair McGowan supplies the voice of their target - an innocent cow.

700 people enjoy free curry in Feed cardiff event

Locals enjoy a free curry at Feed Cardiff

Local people enjoy a free curry at the Feed Cardiff event. Photo by Phil Martin

Show your opposition to GM crops in Europe

Evil corn on the cob with a "Stop the Crop" logo

In March the European Commission gave the go ahead to the first genetically modified crop to be grown in Europe since 1998. This decision has been condemned by Friends of the Earth Europe.

Feed Cardiff event to provide free food for 500 people

cauliflower, lattice, red and green peppers, cucumber and gherkins.


Moove the Sustainable Livestock Bill to the next stage

Farm animals; a chainsaw and logs; a sack with soy feed produce of South America written on it; and balloons with CO2 written on them.

Help stop our food trashing the planet. At the moment many of our farm animals are fed on soya beans grown on land that used to be rainforest. Changing this will help stop further deforestation.

MOOsflash! Cows on the coMOOte in London

Businessman with a cow's head in the London tube network

Friends of the Earth has launched the latest stage in the Fix the Food Chain campaign. with a video of cows CowMOOting on the Tube in London whilst reading the MOOtro.

Stop the Tesco takeover

Tescopoly every little hurts

Cardiff Friends of the Earth want to stop more Tesco stores opening in Cardiff. The dominance of Tesco stores in this area harms local shops.

The Parliamentary All-Party Group on Small Shops investigated the future of small shops in the UK. Its report High Street Britain: 2015, released in January 2006, predicted a bleak future for independent shops. The report predicted that without protection:

Big success on the food bill - thanks for making it happen

Fix the Food Chain logo

** Campaign update **

Unfortunately despite this Bill having strong support from MPs of all parties thanks to the lobbying of them done by our supporters, opposition by a small minority of MPs ensured that the Bill didn't get through to the next stage. This is a big disapointment to us but we will try again.

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