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Lobby Tool Kit

Lobby toolkit

Contact your Cardiff political representatives

MPs, AMs, Councillors, MEPs; whether you feel over-governed or not, these people were elected to represent you. Let them know what you want. You may like to read our letter writing guide before you start. It includes helpful pointers on style and content.

Letter Writing Guide

People often say “What’s the use of contacting politicians? Letters only go in the wastepaper basket, e-mails are just deleted unread”. How wrong they are. One letter or e-mail on its own, of course, has little impact. But when you write as part of a campaign, many others are writing as well. Ordinary people writing to key decision makers have won a lot of our campaigns.

Sample letter about a statement made by Friends of the Earth

Dear Sir

I am a Doctor and I recently read a newspaper article in which Friends of the Earth said... I am very concerned if this is the case because...

I wish to assure you that I am not politically motivated.  My only concern is to protect the environment for our children to enjoy.

Yours faithfully

Letters on newspaper reports

Dear Secretary of State

I enclose a cutting from the Guardian newspaper of 11 January 2014, relating to an alleged increase in carbon dioxide emissions as a result of increases in traffic levels in cities in the UK.

As I am sure you are aware many people follow such news with interest and concern. However, we do not necessarily believe everything that is published in the papers. Therefore. I would be very grateful if you would let me know whether the facts stated in this news item are correct.

Yours faithfully

Letters of appreciation

Dear Fred Bloggs MP

I write to welcome your decision to sign EDM 134 opposing the introduction of GM crops into the United Kingdom.

I know that many others were happy to hear this news. We are grateful for your support on this important issue. We hope that your example will inspire many other MPs to act in a similar fashion.

Yours faithfully

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