Incinerator protest on 12 Oct and EA permit decision delay

Smoke coming from an incinerator chimney

Demonstration against the Cardiff incinerator

Cardiff Against the Incinerator will hold a demonstration on Tuesday 12 October, People will gather at 10.30 am on the steps of the National Assembly Building in Cardiff Bay. The demonstration will be between 11 am and 1 pm.

Cardiff Incinerator campaign update

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The campaign group Cardiff Against the Incinerator of which Cardiff Friends of the Earth is a part, displayed its strength holding two simultaneous successful events on 7 September 2010.

Environment Agency threatens to give incinerator the green light

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The Environment Agency has announced that it is 'minded' to give the go-ahead to a massive, polluting, and wasteful incinerator at Ocean Park in Cardiff. However it is not too late to change their minds.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth believe that this draft decision is deeply flawed as it is based on outdated and incomplete information. The evidence the Environment Agency used to reach its draft decision is flawed in several ways:

Incinerator - public information session, Fri 30th July

Incinerator chimney belching smoke

In a shock move, Cardiff Council have granted planning permission to Viridor's second application for an incinerator in Splott. This is in spite of the fact that the new application is almost identical to the first application which was refused by the Council.

Viridor submits a second Cardiff incinerator application

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Viridor Waste Management have submitted a second planning application for a large incinerator or “energy from waste facility” in Cardiff. This application is almost identical to the first one which was rejected by Cardiff Council. The proposed Viridor incinerator would be at Glass Avenue, Trident Park in Splott, between Ocean Way and the docks. It would burn 350,000 tonnes of waste a year.

Viridor appeals against rejection of first Cardiff incinerator application

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Cardiff County Council's planning committee rejected Viridor's first application for a huge, polluting and wasteful incinerator at Trident Park, Glass Avenue, Splott in June 2009. The reason the planning committee gave was that waste would be brought to be burnt in the incinerator from outside the local area.

No to waste incinerator for Cardiff

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Waste company Viridor has announced plans to build a massive incinerator in Cardiff Bay to dispose of our rubbish.

If built, it would:

  • be capable of burning three times as much rubbish as Cardiff sends to landfill sites every year
  • take waste from across south Wales
  • discourage more efforts to increase recycling and composting

Cardiff Friends of the Earth says


Three compost bins

Compost bins at Centre for Alternative Technology
Photo: Lyndsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Making your own compost is satisfying and good for the garden as well as the environment. Best of all, compost is free. You can make it without spending a penny.

Anti-incinerator protest at March planning meeting

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Anti-incinerator protest

Members of Cardiff Friends of the Earth are inviting people to join them and other local residents in a demonstration outside Cardiff City Hall at 1.30 pm on Wednesday 11 March 2009, as the council's planning committee decides on proposals for a large waste incinerator in the city.

Objection to Cardiff incinerator planning application submitted

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Cardiff Friends of the Earth have submitted an objection to Viridor's planning application to Cardiff County Council Planning Department.

The objection, compiled for Cardiff Friends of the Earth by the South East Wales Friends of the Earth Waste Group, objects to the planning application on the following grounds:

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