700 people enjoy free curry in Feed cardiff event

Locals enjoy a free curry at Feed Cardiff

Local people enjoy a free curry at the Feed Cardiff event. Photo by Phil Martin

Cardiff Food Alliance held a fantastic event that has raised awareness about the food chain that most of us take for granted. Tonnes and millions of pounds worth of food is wasted every year, by supermarkets, retailers and households. A lot of this food is produced at a high cost for people and the environment. However, this weekend, Cardiff residents and visitors were treated to something different.

Not only did we feed 700 people a delicious vegan curry made entirely from 'waste' food, but we also got 140 action postcards signed for a more sustainable farming system in the UK. Wasting fruit or vegetables is bad; wasting meat or dairy is even worse. The UK's livestock industry is directly responsible for rainforest destruction abroad, thanks to the demand for land to grow the feed for all those animals.

Kevin Brennan MP supports our Fix the Food Chain campaign

Kevin Brennan MP for Cardiff West supports our Fix the Food Chain campaign. Photo by Phil Martin

Cardiff FoE is campaigning for a Sustainable Livestock Bill, that would make the Government monitor the impacts of our food chain. This should lead on to importing less animal feed, and taking measures to reduce food waste in the UK.

Raoul and Tim were interviewed by Radio Cardiff.