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European otter

Environment Minister Rory Stewart has said that the UK Government doesn’t want to weaken our nature laws.

Our campaigning is starting to pay off. Our supporters have:

  • Taken part in the huge EU consultation response.
  • Asked MPs to write to the Minister.

2016 will be a crucial year with final decisions expected on EU nature laws. And there is a lot more politicians can do to defend nature. So we need to keep the pressure on.

We need the laws to be enforced everywhere. Many nature sites in the UK are in a poor condition and some are even being damaged by illegal activities.

For example, unauthorised mineral extraction has been going on for years at Lough Neagh, the UK’s largest lake.

Our Government must lead by example by fully enforcing the laws.

The EU review of our nature laws continues through 2016 the Government must do everything it can to make sure these laws are left intact and are better implemented.

Over half a million people told politicians to defend our nature laws and it’s clear that they have listened.

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