Air quality in Cardiff worse

Traffic at junction of Newport Road and City Road, Cardiff

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Cardiff Council is about to declare a third Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) at Stephenson Court, close to the Newport Road and City Road junction.

Pollution caused by traffic in this area is higher than the legal maximum. There are four main causes for this:

  • The volume of traffic through the junction
  • Vehicles accelerating when the lights turn green
  • Bus stops where buses wait to pick up passengers
  • Buildings which prevent the pollution dispersing.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth have submitted a response to the council's consultation. This gives some ways in which the council could reduce the pollution levels including:

  • Reducing traffic levels at the junction
  • Altering the timing of the traffic lights to give priority to buses
  • Changing the road layout so a new bus lane can be installed
  • Real-time pollution reporting in the media with advice not to drive.

The other AQMAs in Cardiff are St Mary Street and at Ely Bridge on Cowbridge Road West.