Ask Apple to come clean

Tin mining waste heaps with forest beyond

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

For the past six months Apple has ignored the questions from 25,000 Friends of the Earth supporters about the hidden impact of its iPhones. Stories of child labour and environmental destruction have been met with silence.

Now Apple has released a statement about Bangka island:

"Recent concerns about the illegal mining of tin from this region prompted Apple to lead a fact-finding visit to learn more... we are helping to fund a new study on mining in the region so we can better understand the situation."

This proves the message from our supporters is getting through.

Apple must show it is fully committed to helping children and the environment by admitting that it gets tin from the island. Apple's rival Samsung had the guts to admit it gets tin from Bangka island weeks ago. Now Apple must come clean about its supply chain.

Take action

Please ask Apple to say where it gets its tin from.