Cardiff UK Green Film Festival 2013

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Chapter Arts Centre is once again part of the UK Green Film Festival. This year it is on for a month and there are more films. The films being shown are:

Mon 3 June Mad Max

Tue 4 June Mad Max

Wed 5 June Trashed & A Love Story in Milk

Fri 7 June Village at the End of the World

Sat 8 June Big Boys Gone Bananas & Reynaldo - Rainforest Hero

Sat 8 June Village at the End of the World

Sun 9 June Them!

Sun 9 June Village at the End of the World

Mon 10 June Them!

Mon 10 June Village at the End of the World

Tue 11 June Them!

Tues 11 June Village at the End of the World

Wed 12 June Village at the End of the World

Fri 14 June F*ck For Forest

Sat 15 June F*ck For Forest

Sun 16 June F*ck For Forest

Sun 16 June More Than Honey & The Lonely Dodo

Sun 16 June Soylent Green

Sun 16 June Valley of Saints & A Shifting Culture

Sun 16 June Peak & The Man Who Lived on his Bike

Mon 17 June F*ck For Forest

Mon 17 June Soylent Green

Tue 18 June Soylent Green

Tue 18 June Chasing Ice

Wed 19 June Chasing Ice

Thu 20 June Chasing Ice

Fri 21 June Chasing Ice

Sun 23 June The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Mon 24 June The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Tue 25 June The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Sun 30 June The China Syndrome

Big Boys Gone Bananas

Sweden/2011/90mins/no cert. Dir: Fredrik Gertten.

In 2009, Dole Food Company waged a campaign to prevent a pair of Swedish filmmakers from screening their documentary Bananas! on the evening of its world premiere at the Los Angeles film festival. Gertten here narrates his own personal journey of examining the right to freedom of speech and what happens to a documentary filmmaker when he goes up against a large corporation like Dole.

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Chasing Ice

USA/2012/76mins/12A. Dir: Jeff Orlowski. With: James Balog, Svavar Jonatansson.

National Geographic photographer James Balog travels across the Arctic capturing the world’s changing glaciers. Balog’s hauntingly beautiful videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as climate change causes them to disappear at a breath-taking rate. Travelling with a young team of adventurers across three continents, he risks everything in pursuit of the biggest story in human history.

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The China Syndrome

USA/1979/122mins/PG. Dir: James Bridges. With: Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, Michael Douglas.

When a TV reporter happens to witness a near meltdown at a local nuclear plant, she discovers that corporate greed and cost-trimming has led to potentially deadly faults in the plant’s construction. Attempting to bring the case to the public, mysterious deaths of key witnesses proves she has more of a story on her hands that she first thought.

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The Day the Earth Caught Fire

USA/1961/98mins/PG. Dir: Val Guest. With: Edward Judd, Janet Munro, Leo McKern, Michael Goodliffe.

Hysterical panic has engulfed the world after the United States and the Soviet Union simultaneously detonate nuclear devices causing Earth to spin off its axis and hurtle towards to the Sun, causing massive floods and fires. When a national newspaper reports the dramatic changes to the world’s climate, they finally get the Government to admit that the situation is far worse than imagined. An intelligent and disturbing piece of speculative cult fiction.

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F*ck For Forest

Poland/2012/86mins/18. Dir: Michal Marczak. With: Tommy Hol Ellingsen, Leona Johansson.

Berlin’s F*ck For Forest is one of the world’s most bizarre charities. Based on the idea that sex can save the world, the NGO raises money for environmental causes by selling home-made erotic films online, Meet Danny, a troubled soul, as he joins their already colourful operation. From the streets of Berlin to the depths of the Amazon, together they are on a planet-saving mission to buy a piece of forest and save the indigenous peoples from the sick, sick West.

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The Lonely Dodo

UK/4mins/no cert. Dir: Matthew Walke

The Lonely Dodo is an animation about a dodo searching for another of his species. Jersey's Durrell Wildlife Park wanted to create a film about endangered animals. The film features the voices of Stephen Fry and Alistair McGowan.

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A Love Story in Milk

UK/2011/2mins/no cert. Dir: Danann Breathnach

A love story between two milk cartons. This hugely successful viral short was made to promote Friends of the Earth’s recycling campaign.

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Mad Max

Australia/1979/93mins/18. Dir: George Miller. With: Mel Gibson, Hugh Keays-Byrne.

Set in a stunning post-apocalyptic future where desolate stretches of Australian outback highways have become bloodstained battlegrounds, vigilante cop Max Rockatansky sets out to avenge his partner and family who were murdered by a bestial marauding motorcycle gang in retaliation for the death of their leader.

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The Man Who Lived on his Bike

Canada/2012/3mins/no cert. Dir: Guillaume Blanchet.

I love being on a bike, it helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After days and days of cycling the streets of Montreal, come cold or sun, or even a little frightened, I dedicate this film to him.

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More Than Honey

Switzerland/2012/95mins/no cert. Dir: Markus Imhoof.

This compelling documentary uses state-of the art film-making to illuminate the world’s bee crisis in California, Switzerland, China and Australia. Colony collapse disorder has decimated the population, with scientists still uncertain about the exact nature of the deadly phenomenon and beekeeper Imhoof interviews apiculture players, examining the nature of the calamity and discussing possible solutions.

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Germany/2011/86mins/no cert. Dir: Hannes Lang.

The mountains are calling and each year hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to their white winter paradise. This film acts as a stunning portrait of the Alps in an environment where technology overtakes the ever changing nature.

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Reynaldo - Rainforest Hero

Peru/2012/10mins/no cert. Dir: Dan Childs & Nick Weber.

Reynaldo Ochoa Lopez is helping farmers in Peru to re-plant trees and develop agri-forestry as a way of restoring the rainforest and ensuring the long-term survival of the land and the people. Made by the CREES Foundation.

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A Shifting Culture

India/2012/4mins/subtitles/no cert. Dir: Chintan Gohil.

Yousef belongs to the Gujjar community, a semi-nomadic group living in the valleys and mountains of the Kashmiri Himalayas, India. The people of his community and millions of others like them are not only beginning to lose their strong cultural identity but also their relationship with their environment and with it the possibility of a truly sustainable future.

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Soylent Green

USA/1973/97mins/15. Dir: Richard Fleischer. With: Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young, Edward G Robinson, Joseph Cotton.

In an overpopulated futuristic Earth, a New York police detective finds himself marked for murder by government agents when he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff. The premise of this cult action thriller is as frightening today as it was 40 years ago.

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USA/1954/94mins/PG. Dir: Gordon Douglas. With: James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon.

One of the best creature features of the early atomic age. Them! imagines a biblical prophecy come true as early atomic tests in New Mexico cause ants to mutate into giant man-eating monsters that threaten civilisation.

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USA/2012/98mins+2mins/12A. Dir: Candida Brady. With: Jeremy Irons.

Actor Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution. This is a meticulous, brave and investigative journey that takes Irons and us from scepticism to sorrow and from horror to hope.

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Valley of Saints

India/2012/82mins/subtitles/no cert. Dir: Musa Syeed. With: Mohammed Afzal, Gulzar Ahmed Bhat, Neelofar Hamid.

War and poverty force Gulzar, a young tourist boatman, to run away from Kashmir with his best friend, but a military crackdown derails their escape and they become trapped in Gulzar’s lake village. Waiting for conditions to change, they discover a mysterious woman, braving the curfew to research the dying lake. As Gulzar falls for her, rivalry and jealousy threaten his boyhood friendship and their plans of escape. The first film set in the endangered lake communities of Kashmir, Valley of Saints blends fiction and documentary to bring audiences inside this unique world.

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Village at the End of the World

UK/2012/78mins/subtitles/PG. Dir: Sarah Gavron.

A remote hamlet in the far north of Greenland, Niaqornat is home to 59 people and 100 dogs. Frank, intimate conversations with residents such as Lars, the hip-hop, Man Utd loving teen in search of love on Facebook and Annie, the elder who remembers the ways of the Shaman, are interspersed with fabulous images of the seasonal changes. An optimistic glimpse of how the villagers adapt to climate change and the forces of globalization on their ‘disappearing life’.

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