Climate and energy

Local group members holding The Big Ask banner

Local group members Ask the Big Question on climate change. Photo: Lyndsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth.

Global climate change is the single biggest environmental threat facing the planet.

Climate scientists predict that extreme weather events will become more frequent because of climate change.

There is much that we can do to stop catastrophic climate change which would hit the poorest countries worst. Decisive action is needed from governments and industry now.

The Climate Change Act was a major success for Friends of the Earth and the other organisations who campaigned for it.

However we must do more to ensure that successive UK Governments continue to reduce our carbon emissions. We must also persuade the Governments of other developed countries to take action by introducing strong and effective measures to cut carbon emissions. We must also make sure that less developed countries have the money to follow a low-carbon route to development.

Friends of the Earth believe that the best way to reduce our carbon emissions is through improving energy efficiency, and increasing the amount of energy generated from renewables.

We believe that nuclear power is not the answer because it is expensive, will be slow to implement, and is not a low carbon energy source.

Fracking and other forms of unconventional gas and oil would threaten our water supplies, would keep us hooked on fossil fuels, and would divert investment away from greener energy options.