Commonwealth Games threatens Sri Lanka wilderness

A herd of Indian elephants at the edge of a forest

Sri Lanka is bidding to host the Commonwealth Games in 2018. The area they propose to build the stadia is currently home to several species of endangered wildlife. Call on the government to withdraw their disastrous bid.

Sri Lanka could get more unsustainable development due to the government's Hambantota 2018 Commonwealth Games proposal.

The authorities propose to develop the games' infrastructure in one of the last remaining strong holds for the endangered Leopard, Elephant and Sloth Bear, as well as countless other endangered flora and fauna that plays a crucial role in Sri Lanka's rich, but declining, biodiversity.

Over the last few years, the once lush green Island of Sri Lanka has gradually started to become a concrete jungle. Once the biodiversity is lost, Sri Lanka will stop being a popular destination for eco tourists, and it's people will suffer.

Sri Lankans United to Protect our Natural Heritage want the Sri Lankan government to stop amending the Flora and Fauna Act to permit buildings near nature reserves and move the bid for the Commonwealth Games out of Sri Lanka's wilderness.

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Sign the petition to the President of Sri Lanka telling him to move the Commonwealth Games bid to another site.