Cut the waste food mountain

 Waste food in a bin bag

Waste food. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

New figures from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) show a big improvement in the amount of food waste, but households are still throwing out £12 billion a year of usable food.

Salary freezes, rising food prices and initiatives to tackle food waste has led to a 13 per cent cut in the amount of usable food being wasted by British households since 2006. This saves £1.8 billion and 5.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

In the major new report Wrap says that the UK still generates 7.2 million tonnes of household food waste each year, around 60 per cent of this could be eaten.

The food waste costs UK councils around £80 million a year in extra waste disposal costs.

There are relatively simple things supermarkets can do to reduce food waste. For example, clearer use-by dates, smaller loaves of bread that are suitable for people living on their own, promotions where people buy the ingredients they need for a meal, and being less fussy over the appearance of vegetables.

Take action

Find out what you can do to cut food waste by visiting the love food hate waste website.