Help end cold homes

Elderly woman warming herself by the fire

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This year just 245 households have taken out the Government's Green Deal energy efficiency loan. This confirms our view that the Green Deal is completely inadequate to fix cold homes and climate change. But there is a solution.

Even if people's interest picks up the insulation rates would be too slow to meet climate targets.

Improving energy efficiency will save many households money, though a Green Deal loan might not. Friends of the Earth wants everyone to have a home that is:

  • warm
  • low carbon
  • cheaper to heat.

Over 4.5 million households can't heat their homes properly. Medical research shows that cold homes have a huge impact on the health of the young and old.

Living in a cold house:

  • more than doubles children's chances of suffering respiratory problems like asthma
  • puts teenagers more at risk of developing mental health problems
  • worsens children's educational achievement and emotional wellbeing
  • increases the risk that older people die or get illnesses like heart and respiratory disease.

But Government funding for energy efficiency has been cut and the Green Deal doesn't work for those on low incomes.

Friends of the Earth are one of the founders of the Energy Bill Revolution coalition. We want the Government to use money from carbon taxes and carbon trading for energy efficiency schemes.

This would help us to:

  • end fuel poverty
  • cut fuel imports
  • hit our climate targets.

Take action

Please ask your MP to sign our petition to end fuel poverty.