Help end fuel poverty

Workman insulating a house wall

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

Earlier this year thousands of our supporters signed our petition demanding an end to the scandal of cold homes.

In sunny weather it’s easy to forget the harsh winters we have. Every year 4.5 million households can't afford to heat their homes properly.

Six months ago the Government launched its Green Deal scheme to help people make their homes more energy efficient without having to pay upfront.

But so far just 245 people have said they will use it.

It's obvious that the government's current energy policies aren't working. Home insulation rates have fallen not increased and are a long way short of what is needed to stop climate change. Our chart shows how many more homes need to be insulated.

Insulating the UK's cold homes would improve many people's health, cut household energy bills and cut carbon emissions. It would also keep them cooler during spells of hot weather.

Take action

Please ask your MP to end fuel poverty.