Help free Miguel Corera

Miguel Correa

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

Miguel Correa, urgently needs our help following his wrongful arrest for murder in Paraguay.

Twenty year old Miguel was a participant in Friends of the Earth Paraguay's sustainable farming project.

He feared his friend had been injured in violent clashes during a police-led eviction of peasant farmers. Shots were fired, resulting in 17 dead and many injured.

He tried to visit him in hospital, but in the confusion Miguel was arrested.

** UPDATE **

Following his wrongful arrest for murder, our friend and colleague Miguel Correa has been released.

This fantastic news is a huge relief for his family and everyone at Friends of the Earth Paraguay.

Thousands of Friends of the Earth supporters across the world took action by sending emails calling for the Paraguayan authorities to release Miguel. This included a demonstration outside the Paraguayan embassy in London.

Thank you for your support and for taking action with us. The pressure really worked.

While we celebrate his freedom, the Paraguayan authorities are yet to respond to our request for a full investigation into the 17 deaths.