Help protect us from pollution

chemicals pouring from a pipe into a stream

Photo: Robert Brook, Science Photo Library

The Cabinet Minister, Oliver Letwin, is considering scrapping all green safeguards and replacing them with a single 50-page document.

This would mean our protection from pollution could be dangerously simplified. He is consulting on scrapping Laws on:

  • Air quality - allowing air pollution to increase.
  • Biodiversity, countryside and recreation - removing protection of vulnerable or rare species, habitats and wildlife sites and controls on access to footpaths and national parks.
  • Energy labelling and sustainable products - preventing you knowing which products are energy efficient and abolishing minimum energy standards.
  • Industrial emissions and carbon reductions - increasing climate change. allowing the pollution of rivers and the towns.
  • Noise and nuisance - allowing increases in noise from industry, roads, railways and airports.
  • Waste - relaxing controls on the volume and impact of household, hazardous, construction, mining and quarrying waste.
  • Environmental permits - reducing existing controls on pollution from businesses and reducing the sanctions when serious pollution incidents occur.
  • Chemicals - removing controls that prevent chemicals damaging the environment and human health.