Help stop Ash Dieback Disease

Ash tree in full leaf but dead twigs at the ends of branches

Photo: Forestry Commission

Our woodlands are facing their biggest threat since Dutch Elm Disease. Ash Dieback Disease has already decimated ash trees in Denmark.

Successive Government's dithering over ash dieback has resulted in it spreading to the UK. The costs of dealing with it are increasing.

Experts urgently need to build a picture of where the disease has spread in the UK so they can start to tackle the problem.

Take action

The Ashtag website and phone app for iPhones and Android phones lets us identify and record sightings of Ash Dieback Disease when we visit woodlands.

You can also upload your camera photos on the website if you don't have a suitable phone.

Help Britain's woodlands so that the trees we love are still there in five years' time.