Help stop coal mining in Australia

Crowd of people in a park watching man showing a model of a drilling rig.

Murwillumbah rally. Photo: Lock the Gate Alliance

Mecrus Resources has lodged applications for Exploration Permits for three districts in the south-west of the State of Victoria in Australia. The company wants to conduct soil and rock sampling and drilling to establish the presence of minerals.

It lists mineral sands, brown and black coal, coal bed methane (also called CSG), gold, silver, platinum and other minerals amongst the resources it wants to explore for.

A decision will then be made by the state government.

Friends of The Earth Australia believes that Mecrus Resources wants to extract the CSG using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) poses a real risk of chemicals being released into aquifers. A mixture of water and chemicals are pumped into the ground at high pressure to open up cracks and release the gas. Because the geology of the rock isn't known precisely there is a risk that the chemicals will enter an aquifer contaminating water supplies and rivers in the area.

Burning CSG and coal to produce energy also releases climate change gases into the atmosphere.

Take action

Please object to the application for coal and CSG exploration in western Victoria. The deadline is 21 August 2011.

Find out why Coal Seam Gas extraction is bad.