Incinerator planning decision delayed

Chimney with smoke coming out of it.

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Cardiff Council have withdrawn Viridor's application for discharging planning preconditions on the Cardiff incinerator from both the August and September planning meetings.

Cardiff Against the Incinerator (CATI) have submitted evidence backing up their claims that:

  • The fresh bottom ash Viridor want to treat at the site is hazardous waste. The planning conditions forbid Viridor from handling hazardous waste.
  • The building wouldn't prevent toxic ash being carried on the wind or being washed out if the site flooded.

All the documentation that CATI have submitted has been sent to the Environment Agency to consider. The Council are also seeking legal advice from a QC on how to proceed.

This partial victory shows we are making progress in getting the Council to treat this seriously.

Unfortunately Viridor have not stopped their illegal construction work and the Council shows no sign of ordering them to stop.

We must continue to put legal and political pressure on the Council to take action to stop Viridor's illegal actions.