Legal challenge to the Cardiff waste incinerator

Smoke from an incinerator chimney

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth Cymru has launched a legal challenge against plans by the Welsh Government to fund a massive £105m waste incinerator in Cardiff. The action comes as Cardiff City Council and its partners are poised to sign a contract committing the city to 25 years of waste incineration.

In August the Welsh Government Minister for Natural Resources and Food approved £4.2m in annual funding for the incinerator. Friends of the Earth believe that:

  • these payments unlawfully favour incinerators and subverts the proximity principle.
  • Prosiect Gwyrdd overstated the likely amount of residual waste to make the case for incineration more favourable. Doing this is in direct contradiction to Welsh Government waste policy. The Welsh Government approved the Prosiect Gwyrdd Final Business Case knowing both these facts.
  • The Welsh Government failed to consider the health and environmental impacts of incinerators.
  • The incinerator is a waste disposal not an energy recovery facility, so it does not comply with Welsh Government funding criteria nor with Welsh Government waste policy.

Friends of the Earth Wales Director Gareth Clubb said: “Burning huge mountains of rubbish will not deal with our waste problems – it’s ineffective and an expensive use of taxpayers’ money.

“The Welsh Government must look at alternatives to incineration - recycling creates ten times more jobs and re-using the items we throw away saves money.

“Our concerns are so serious we want a judge to decide whether taxpayers’ money should be pumped in to an outdated incinerator.”