Object to Cardiff incinerator planning conditions

Chimney belching smoke

Photo: Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Viridor's Cardiff incinerator development has now reached a critical stage. Pressure from Cardiff Against the Incinerator has forced Cardiff Council to comply with planning law by consulting local residents on the planning conditions.

You must respond to the consultation by 12 August 2012.

Please copy and paste this letter into a new e-mail, add your own thoughts and name and address, and send it to [email protected].



Subject: Planning application 10/00149/E


Energy from Waste facility, Trident Park, Glass Avenue, Cardiff

Planning application 10/00149/E

Dear Sir

I object to the application by Viridor Waste Management for the discharge of planning conditions for the following reasons:

  1. The consultation has been poorly publicised. Cardiff County Council has already been found guilty of maladministration on a previous consultation by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. The current one is not much better. The consultation documents are difficult to understand because of the use of legal and technical language.
  2. Viridor started development of the Cardiff incinerator on 20 July, the day after Cardiff County Council published their new planning application. This is a breach of planning law. Viridor's actions show that they can't be trusted to build and run an incinerator legally.
  3. The site is still contaminated from its previous uses. Planning Conditions 3 and 4 of the planning permission say that Viridor must clean it up, but they have not done this. Viridor's “report on remediation” which discusses how they have cleaned up the site is inadequate. They also propose to throw away the contaminated soil instead of decontaminating and reusing it.
  4. Viridor propose to process thousands of tonnes of toxic bottom ash at the incinerator site. This breaches Condition 23, which forbids them from processing hazardous waste. The plant cannot operate until this contradiction is resolved.
  5. The incinerator site is on a flood plain. Extreme storm conditions are becoming worse and more frequent. This makes the site's “100 year” flood protection inadequate. The council must consider flood risk under Condition 11 because the toxic ash stockpile could become flooded spreading it over the surrounding area.

The planning conditions don't solve the inadequacies and contradictions in the planning consent.

The council either make Viridor comply with the law or stop the construction work.

Yours sincerely