Organic and Local food

Riverside market and the River Taff

Riverside Community Market, Cardiff. Photo: Lindsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

The way we produce and transport our food has a huge impact on our towns and our planet. Our desire to have huge quantities of cheap food including asparagus and tomatoes out of season means that:

  • Most food is produced by intensive highly mechanised farming methods. This includes using pesticides and antibiotics
  • Food often travels hundreds or even thousands of miles from where it was produced to where is was consumed
  • Natural habitats are often destroyed so the land can be used to grow food
  • The soil crops grow in and local water supplies are often damaged
  • Processed foods often contain huge quantities of fats, sugar and salt creating a national obesity problem
  • Their dominance means supermarket chains can force down the price paid to farmers
  • Supermarket 'standards' for size and appearance result in edible vegetable and fruit being wasted
  • Small shops, family farms and local abattoirs are all going out of business because they can't compete.Cardiff