Our natural areas are threatened

Scabious mining bee on a flower

The vital EU laws that protect nature and wildlife could be watered down next month. Rory Stewart MP, the UK Environment Minister, must stand up for nature or one of its last protections could vanish.

Rory Stewart has said he backs strong legal protection for nature. But he must take this message to the EU.

Over 500,000 people have already called for the EU nature laws to be kept – the biggest ever response to a European consultation.

An announcement about the nature laws is expected next month. We must increase the pressure on Rory Stewart to stand up for nature in the EU.

Wildlife of all sorts depends on places protected by these laws. If the laws are weakened or if they are not enforced, nature will suffer.

Take action

E-mail your MP and ask them to tell Rory Stewart to save the nature laws.