Our philosophy and how we work

Our philosophy

Friends of the Earth stands for three big ideas:

  • There is a tomorrow. We need to use the planet like there is a tomorrow. This means living within the limits of the natural world.
  • Everyone gets a fair share. Everyone, everywhere, now and in the future, deserves to have a good life.
  • Change the rules. The must economy work for people and the environment, not pit one against the other.

How we work

Friends of the Earth seeks to influence the government to make changes to policies in favour of people and the planet.

It's not just what we do but the way we do it. We raise the issues but we also realise that to make things happen we need to:

  • Focus on the solution. We look for better alternatives to what's already out there.
  • Back it up with facts. We base everything on credible research.
  • Get lots of people involved. We make it easy for you to act.
  • Use our network. We have 74 national member groups on every continent and more than 200 local groups in the UK.