Protect bees from harmful pesticides

White tailed bumble bee feeding on a flower

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Last month the Government refused to allow bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides back into our fields. The National Farmers’ Union has now asked a second time to use the toxic neonics on oilseed rape crops.

Last year the National Farmers’ Union, with help from powerful lobbyists, persuaded the Government to let some farmers use neonics.

There is plenty of evidence that:

  • oilseed rape crops have, on average, done just fine without neonics
  • neonics are dangerous to bees and other pollinators like butterflies.

We don’t have much time to stop the National Farmers’ Union bringing bee-harming pesticides back into our fields.

We need protect British bees from harmful pesticides.

Take Action

Please tell Environment Secretary Liz Truss to protect our bees.