Protect our nature sites

Castell Coch and beech wood

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Nature sites like the Beech Woods near Castell Coch, Cardiff are protected by European laws. These laws and the wildlife they protect are now under threat because they are being reviewed by the European Commission.

Earlier this year over half a million of people asked for the laws to be protected. Friends of the Earth, and other environmental groups, took this message to the European Commission at a key nature conference in November - this had a big impact.

But national governments could still make the case to weaken the laws. The UK's position on the laws is not yet clear.

Our wildlife is already struggling to survive. Its protection should be properly funded and enforced, not weakened.

On Wednesday Environment Minister Rory Stewart MP will be representing the UK at the next important EU meeting about nature in Brussels.

Take action

Please ask your MP tell the government to protect our nature laws.