Samsung admits to using unsustainable tin

Mounds of mining waste with forest in the distance.

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth supporters have forced the world's biggest-selling smartphone maker to confirm that it uses forest-trashing tin in its products.

Samsung, a multi-billion pound company, has investigated its supply chain and discovered that it uses Bangka Island's tin. This tin mining is destroying tropical forests, coral reefs and livelihoods.

Samsung has said it will work together with other companies and governments to improve the situation on Bangka Island.

Not so long ago Samsung was giving us the brush off. But after thousands of emails to them and their partners Chelsea Football Club as well as fun and games outside Samsung HQ, it has come clean.

This is proof of how powerful our campaigns can be when we all speak out together. You have shown that we can change how one the world's biggest brands operates.

This has the potential to make a real difference, but actions speak louder than words. We need to let Samsung know that we expect it to commit to a firm plan to protect the people and environment of Bangka Island.

Take action

Help make sure they follow up words with action. Please send Samsung a thank you and tell them you're expecting action soon.