Save the Mabira Forest Reserve

 Forest tree with roots growing out of the ground and joining the trunk to form an arch.

Arched tree in the Mabira Forest. Photo: S.A.Perez (Flickr)

The Ugandan Government plans to give 7,100 hectares of the Mabira Forest Reserve to the Sugar Corporation of Uganda Ltd., to clear cut and plant a sugarcane plantation. This grant of free land to a private company would break the legal protection the forest reserve has in Ugandan law and break international treaties and commitments.

It would also:

  • increase soil erosion
  • reduce fresh water supplies
  • destroy a cooling micro-climate and
  • destroy habitats for hundreds of endangered species. These include:
    • primates such as: Red Tailed monkeys or Black and Grey Cheeked Manabeys
    • butterflies and
    • birds such as the Black Billed Turaco, Yellow Billed Barbet and Dusky Long Tailed Cuckoo.

The Ugandan Government says they are doing this because of sugar scarcities. They claim that the Mabira Forest Reserve is the only land in Uganda suitable for a sugarcane plantation. Ugandan activists say there are hundreds of thousands of hectares of suitable land in Uganda that is available for sugar growing. that destroying a protected rainforest is irresponsible and an injustice.

While campaigners in Uganda appreciate the role investors play in helping develop their country, only sustainable development can reduce poverty. and create future prosperity for the people of Uganda.

Take action

Please sign the petition to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda and help save the Mabira Forest Reserve.