Stop Cardiff Council dropping incinerator planning conditions

Chimney belching smoke

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Viridor want Cardiff Council to discharge almost all of the conditions on the incinerator even though they haven't complied with them.

Cardiff Council imposed a number of planning conditions on Viridor when they gave planning permission for the incinerator in 2010. These include:

  • Safe disposal of any contaminated soil
  • Piling for foundations
  • Adequate storm drainage to prevent contamination of the Severn Estuary

Viridor seem to think that they can ignore planning conditions whenever it suits them.

Take Action

Tell Cardiff Council to reject Viridor's application.

Cut and paste the letter below into an email, you can alter it if you wish. Send it to Cardiff Council planning department. Closing date for responses is 26 December 2012.

Application No. 10/00149/E

Dear Sir

I object to the the discharge of planning conditions for the following reasons:

Condition 3, Risk of Contamination

The information given in the Non-technical Summary is inadequate. It says that soil will be ”tested to ensure that it is removed offsite in the appropriate manner and to an appropriate facility”. The Non-Technical Summary gives no details of the actual testing, how it would be removed, or what the ‘appropriate’ facility is.

Condition 10, Piling

Viridor plan to use "Continuous Flight Auger Piling" in the construction. says that "The most severe disadvantage [to this method] is poor and/or inconsistent quality and load carrying capacity." says "CFA piles should be considered where... the soil conditions and project requirements are straightforward."

Given the instability of the soil on site and the weight of the building I am concerned whether this method of piling is suitable.

Condition 11. Drainage Details

The site is at serious risk of the buildings flooding. This risk would increase during the lifetime of the incinerator because of increased rainfall due to climate change.

The report from Atkins UK mentions tidal flooding from the Estuary, but not flooding from the River Rhymney. Parts of Tremorfa are classified by the Environment Agency as being at risk of flooding from the River Rhymney. Atkins UK recommend a 150mm high platform to reduce the risk of flooding however this may not be adequate to prevent flooding.

SLR assume rainfall run-off can be reduced by 96% (from 477 to 18.6 litres/s) to cope with extreme storm events through drainage and ponding. Atkins UK have not checked these figures or the rainfall claims of SLR.

The site is within 700m of the Severn Estuary RAMSAR site. There is a serious risk that flood water would wash toxic fly ash into the estuary via Roath Dock, the Rhymney River, or the surface water drains.

Yours faithfully