Stop Cardiff Council rubbish estimates

Cardiff recycling lorry

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Prosiect Gwyrdd want the Executive of Cardiff Council to back their estimate of the amount of black bag waste that Cardiff will produce in the next 25 years. The estimate predicts an increase in the amount of waste between 2017 and 2043. It says that there would be more waste in 2043 than the amount produced now. This contradicts the current increases in recycling and composting that are reducing the amount of black bag waste.

Prosiect Gwyrdd justifies this increase in waste because of the Welsh Government's prediction of a large increase in the city's population. Many have criticised these population predictions as unrealistic, including Rodney Berman, the Leader of Cardiff Council.

The 25-year Prosiect Gwyrdd waste contract would contain “Guaranteed Minimum Payment” based on this estimate paid to the company that wins the contract.

The latest waste statistics from the Welsh Government shows a continuing reduction in black bag waste.

Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth's waste campaigner said “It is ridiculous that Prosiect Gwyrdd want Cardiff Council to take a decision that will cost council tax payers millions of pounds on the basis of these badly flawed estimates. Their waste modeling is a case of garbage in, garbage out.”

“They are trying to convince people that building a huge, expensive and polluting incinerator is the only way to deal with our black bag waste. We all know this isn't true. Alternative solutions such as Mechanical Biological Treatment are better and less expensive.”

Take Action

Please e-mail your councillors saying you don't want the Council Executive to rubber stamp this important decision and that the full council should take it instead.

Please copy and paste this letter into a new e-mail, add your own thoughts, name and address, and send it to your councillors.



Subject: Prosiect Gwyrdd waste payments


Dear Councillor

I understand that Council Executive will be considering and making a decision on recommendations contained in the Municipal Residual Waste Treatment (Prosiect Gwyrdd) - Waste Flow Models. This decision that will affect residents of Cardiff for the next 25 years with the potential for huge cost-penalties for ratepayers if it is wrong.

The report predicts an increasing tonnage of both municipal and “residual waste” to be treated and disposed of during the period 2017 to 2043. This contradicts actual events on the ground. They are justifying this increase on the basis of Welsh Government population projections for Cardiff that have been strongly criticised by many, including Rodney Berman, as unrealistic.

The predicted waste levels are extremely important because of the “Guaranteed Minimum Payment” clauses that the Prosiect Gwyrdd contract would contain.

The latest waste statistics from the Welsh Government show a continuing reduction in both total municipal and residual waste kg/individual The report shows that:

* The reuse, recycling and composting rate of local authority municipal waste continued to increase to 46 percent in 2010/11 brom 41 percent in 2009/10 (Table 1).
* The local authority municipal waste reused, recycled or composted in Wales continued to increase each quarter to 49 percent in July to September 2011 (Table 2).
* The total amount of local authority municipal waste in Wales continued to decrease, falling to 388,000 tonnes in July to September 2011. This was 5 per cent lower than for the same quarter in 2010 (Table 4).
* The residual household waste produced per person in Wales has also continued to decrease, falling from 68 kilograms per person in July to September 2010 to 59 kilograms in July to September 2011.

Recycling rates in Cardiff are currently about 40 percent. The Welsh Government has set a target of achieving 70 percent recycling by 2024/25. This will significantly reduce the amount of residual waste remaining for disposal.

Because this decision is so important, please ask for it to be taken by the full council, not by the Executive.

Kind regards