Stop coal mining at Nant Llesg

Mock funeral procession protesting about opencast coal

Photo: United Valleys Action Group

Coal mining company Miller Argent is making a grab for common land near Merthyr Tydfil, so it can create a massive opencast coal mine.

Last summer, thousands of people objected to Miller Argent’s planning application to dig up six million tonnes of coal at Nant Llesg.

Hundreds of people attended the planning meeting – local residents, Friends of the Earth supporters, and workers. The council voted to reject the coal mine appliction.

Miller Argent is now going over the heads of the community and local council to the national Planning Inspectorate. It has put up a 5 kilometre fence around common land and is blocking rights of way across the land.

We simply can’t burn more fossil fuel if we’re going to stop climate change. And it’s our land and liberties that the company wany to take from us.

When they see people across the UK object to this proposed opencast mine, they’ll be much less minded to give it the go-ahead. We’ve stopped coal once, and together we can put a stop to it again.

Take action

Please object to Miller Argent’s plans to enclose the common land. The closing date for objections is 28 January.