Stop the killings in Honduras

Berta Cáceres. murdered. Nelson Garcia, murdered. Gustavo Castro, in danger

In the last two weeks four activists have been shot in Honduras. Two are dead and one is still in grave danger.

Berta Cáceres was an indigenous leader and celebrated defender of the environment. She opposed the Agua Zarca mega-dam project in Honduras. On 2 March Berta was shot dead in her own home.

Gustavo Castro the Director of Friends of the Earth Mexico, and the only witness to Berta's murder, was wounded in the attack. Gustavo has not been allowed to leave the country and we are concerned for his safety.

On 15 March Nelson García, an environmental activist, from the same organisation as Berta was shot dead in his home.

On the same day Mauricio Alegría, from the peasant organisation Via Campesina, was shot near his office. He survived and was rushed to hospital.

Berta’s murder has sparked a global outcry, but the message hasn’t got through to the Honduran Government.

We demand that:

  • the killings end
  • Gustavo Castro is allowed safe passage back to Mexico
  • the dam projects are stopped.

We have to stop the bloodshed in Honduras.

Take action

Please tell the President of Honduras to stop the killings.