Support the pedestrianisation of St Marys Street

Heavy traffic in St Mary Street, Cardiff

Heavy traffic in St Mary Street, Cardiff. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth.

** Campaign update **

Campaign success - The High Street and part of St Mary Street (to Guildhall Place) have now been pedestrianised. The section of St Mary Street from Guildhall Place to St Mary Street has been narrowed and made one-way.

This action is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth gave evidence at the joint environmental and economic scrutiny committee meeting on the 20th October 2008 on the future plans of St Mary's Street.

We support the full pedestrianisation of the The High Street and St Mary Street from the castle junction down to the junction with Wood Street. This would greatly improve the environment and reduce pollution in the city centre.

Sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling and public transport should be given priority to help reduce congestion and pollution. Improved walking and cycling routes and facilities should be provided – such as maintaining the traffic-free route through Bute Park open in the winter.

Further, adequate bus lanes, priority measures and frequent services should be put in place to improve journey times. Park and ride facilities should also be improved to encourage people not to bring their car into the city centre.

Pedestrianisation has been shown by many studies to improve the retail environment with pedestrian shopping areas tending to be more commercially successful. The pedestrianisation of St Mary's Street would make shopping on the street much more pleasurable to residents and tourists. The improved environment would help promote and make the most of the independent shops including the unique arcade network; however, provision should be provided for sufficient collection and delivery for shops where required.

We believe that the lower end of St Mary's Street, from Wood Street down should be maintained for bus and taxi use only. Allowing general traffic back along this route would cause congestion at the junction, reducing local air quality. The proximity of the bus and train station to the city centre are a great benefit to the city; but having to cross busy, congested streets would isolate these important transport links.

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