Tell Cameron to say no to fracking

The fracking word is a dirty word

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The Government is worried. Despite its strong promotion of fracking, local opposition just keeps on growing.

David Cameron has announced he's going "all out for shale", and is offering yet more money to councils as a sweetener to accept this dirty fossil fuel.

The Prime Minister thinks that by bribing cash-strapped councils, they will ignore the serious risks that fracking poses.


  • would devastate the local environment
  • risks contaminating our water supplies
  • risks triggering earth tremors
  • would stop the UK from tackling dangerous climate change
  • would not bring down fuel bills
  • would divert investment away from clean renewable energy.

Local residents across the UK are coming together to say no to fracking.

Take action

The pressure at a local level is working. Let's make sure Westminster hears it loud and clear. Please tell David Cameron to say no to fracking.

What is fracking?

Reasons not to back fracking.