Tell David Cameron to protect the UK from flooding

Street flooded submerging cars

After Storm Desmond and Storm Eva caused havoc and misery to thousands across the country, Storm Frank swept over the country leaving huge areas underwater.

These storms have caused devastating floods with Cumbria, Lancashire, and Yorkshire particularly affected.

As the effects of climate change get worse. As global temperatures go up, rainfall will increase and sea levels will rise. We can expect severe flooding more often as a result.

The Prime Minister has pledged to help everyone affected by the recent floods but he needs to do much more.

The Government is keeping us hooked on fossil fuels that are changing our climate and isn’t investing enough in flood defences.

We and Greenpeace want the Government to strengthen our flood defences, plan better for extreme weather and quit fossil fuels.


Take action

Together we can make a difference. Tell David Cameron to act on flooding.