Tell Euro MPs to put their best hoof forward

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Thousands across Europe have joined us in calling for planet-friendly farming in Europe's farm policy reform. Because of this MEPs have accepted the need to:

  • Reduce our environmentally damaging imports of soy for animal feed
  • Stop mega factory farms from receiving pots of taxpayer money
  • Take action on rising food prices
  • Better protect natural resources like water and soils in farming.

This is a huge success for us! On the Thursday 23 June 2011 they will vote on whether to write this into policy. Please make tell your MEPs to vote for reform.

Small is beautiful

Across Europe small farms are the heart of rural communities. They preserve wildlife and our rural environment. But they are under threat from factory farms.

In the UK, about 90 per cent of taxpayer money for farming goes into about 10 per cent of the biggest farms.

We need to stop supporting factory farming and shift the money towards small planet-friendly farms.

Factory farming is costing us big time

More than 3 billion pounds of our money is propping up these systems every year. Demand for soy to feed factory farms in Europe is driving deforestation in the Amazon.

We want:

  • All payments to help farmers move towards planet-friendly farming
  • Money shifted from factory farms to small-scale farms
  • A reduction in Europe's soy imports.

Take action

Make sure your MEPs know that the current system won't do. Ask that they support changes to the EU farming policy.