Tell the Peers to vote for clean energy

Peers standing in front of the House of Lords with a sign saying vote for clean power

© Friends of the Earth

George Osborne wants massive tax breaks for fracking and the relaxation of planning rules.

When the Energy Bill was in the House of Commons, huge numbers of emails, letters, meetings & phone calls from people supporting a a clean power target convinced a group of Government MPs to rebel. The amendment was rejected by just a few votes.

But we now have an amazing opportunity to reverse this reckless dash for gas.

The House of Lords will vote on an amendment to put a ‘clean power target’ into the Energy Bill on 28 October. This new goal would cut the carbon in our electricity system, end our reliance on fossil fuels and replace them with renewables by 2030.

The Government expects to lose this vote and with your help we can have more clean green energy instead of damaging shale gas.

Take action

Please ask the peers to vote for the clean power target and help get it into the final law.