Traffic and businesses

Traffic and busses

Traffic in St Mary Street before the car ban. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Traffic and businesses

Traffic affects the British Economy. In 2007 the South-East Wales Transport Alliance estimated that congestion costs Welsh businesses 500 million pounds a year.

  • Traffic congestion means businesses pay more for the delivery of goods
  • Employees are delayed in traffic
  • Town-friendly travel: walking, cycling and public transport supports above-average retail growth in a number of German cities
  • Reduced traffic noise allows workers to concentrate better
  • Fit workers are good workers. Increased exercise makes the whole body work more efficiently. This includes the brain, so people think faster and more clearly.

Car-free shopping

Up to 2,500 people a day go shopping in the city centre of Hanover in Germany and either pick up the goods later from storage run by the public transport company or have them delivered to their homes.

A shopping delivery service:

  • Frees shoppers from the need to use their car for shopping
  • Is easier for the elderly, the disabled and parents shopping with young children
  • Gives people more choice
  • Allows essential traffic to move more easily as shoppers don’t clog up the streets with their cars

Other ways to improve out lives an reduce dependance on cars include:

  • Buses
  • Cycling
  • Rail
  • Walking