Volunteer Campaigner vacancies (various campaigns)

Based: At home

Why we want you

Campaigning is the lifeblood of Friends of the Earth. Our campaigns can be local, national or international. They aim to achieve social, economic and political change that benefits both people and the environment. We need enthusiastic and committed people to help make this change a reality.

Campaigners take responsibility for a specific campaign or subject area either:

  • individually or
  • as part of a campaign sub-group.

You will:

  • Help plan the details of the campaign by identifying clear campaign objectives, targets, tactics, and allies.
  • Take responsibility for helping with background research and fact checking.
  • Help prepare for days of action and other campaigning activities.
  • Learn how to: identify opportunities for media coverage; write letters for publication; write press releases; and how to liaise with journalists.
  • Help review the progress of the campaign.

What's in it for you?

  • You will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about how Friends of the Earth works and about your campaign in particular.
  • You will learn how to influence others to take action in support of your campaign.
  • You will gain the confidence to talk to decision-makers about your campaign.

Depending on the campaign aims you may:

  • Take part in photo stunts and other campaigning activities.
  • Run campaign stalls
  • Research and write reports
  • Deal with the media

This is a great chance to make a difference and have fun at the same time.

The skills you will need

You need to be passionate about the environment and be prepared to spend time and effort in learning how your campaiigning efforts can be most effective.

Most people learn how to be campaigners “on the job”.

Your time

Minimum commitment: 5 hours per week. You should be prepared to attend 1 evening meeting a month and be available to help sometimes at weekends.

Duration: Ongoing

Period: All year round

If you feel you have the skills to do this or have the enthusiasm to learn them given training (which is available), please contact [email protected].