Welsh Government approves incinerator grant

Graph showing waste rising from 165,000 tonnes to 180,000 tonnes and target for it to fall from 154,000 tonnes to 960,000 tonnes between 2015 and 2041. The Guaranteed Minimum Tonnage is set at 350,000 tonnes.

Source: Prosiect Gwyrdd Welsh Government Final Business Case Clarifications

On Friday the Welsh Government announced that they have approved a £105m grant to Prosiect Gwyrdd to help fund waste incineration in Cardiff.

Prosiect Gwyrdd is a consortium of five Councils (Caerphilly, Cardiff, Monmouthshire, Newport, Vale of Glamorgan) set up to find a solution to the problem of residual (black bag) waste.

Earlier this year Prosiect Gwyrdd announced that they had agreed with Viridor Waste Management that the waste would be burnt in the incinerator that it is being built in Cardiff.

The Scrutiny Committee of the National Assembly have stated their concerns about the Welsh Government's waste policy and in particular Prosiect Gwyrdd.

The blue line in the graph above shows Prosiect Gwyrdd's forecast of amount of residual waste. The brown line shows the Welsh Government’s waste reduction target. The red line is the Guaranteed Minimum Tonnage that the councils have agreed to supply to the incinerator.

The Welsh Government asked Prosiect Gwyrdd to explain why it had predicted residual tonnages would rise between 2013 and 2041. Prosiect Gwyrdd replied that the waste contract should be based on "realistic predictions of future waste trends" and not be driven by an "aspirational target."

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Coordinator Raoul Bhambral said "Prosiect Gwyrdd are ignoring Welsh Government policy that says they should reduce the absolute amount of waste they produced so they can feed Viridor's incinerator."

At a meeting in November 2011 Welsh Government civil servants agreed to Prosiect Gwyrdd's predictions and said that doing so "would not prevent... Welsh Government grant approval".

Raoul Bhambral continued "The Welsh Government's attempt to smuggle this controversial decision out during the summer holidays is typical of the shameful way this procurement has been conducted. Council tax payers will be outraged about their money being used to help fund this expensive, dirty and polluting incinerator in the centre of Cardiff."