What people say about Friends of the Earth

"Friends of the Earth are actually quite good at getting laws passed" Thom Yorke - Radiohead

"Here in Parliament Friends of the Earth are absolutely crucial, they are a campaigning force. They educate us, they inform us. Without them so many things would have slipped off the agenda" Luciana Berger MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change

"We've got the biggest crisis we have ever faced as a species and we need organizations like Friends of the Earth" Zac Goldsmith MP

"Friends of the Earth is attempting to make changes for the better in the world and that's something that I am very happy to support" Johnny Borrell - Razorlight

“I congratulate Friends of the Earth and its supporters for their invaluable campaigning that has persuaded the Government to take action on the issue of cold rented homes” Richard Best (Baron Best), housing campaigner

“Friends of the Earth is quite simply the UK’s most effective environmental organisation. No other organisation can claim the number of successes in making practical, positive change happen… I’m a huge, huge fan” Ben Goldsmith, Advisory Board member of the JMG Foundation

"We must rely on people like you to help us get the highest common denominator and then you get outcomes that can be achieved and outcomes that are worth having." Simon Hughes MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, talking about Friends of the Earth

“No Government will achieve anything unless supported consistently and effectively from the outside. And Friends of the Earth does that job better than anyone.” Michael Meacher MP, Labour Environment Minister 1997-2003

"People often say 'Does anything change politics?', well here it has." Nick Robinson, BBC Political Editor, commenting on the inclusion of Friends of the Earth's Climate Change Bill in the Queen's Speech

"Friends of the Earth's work is important to me and my art." Kurt Jackson

"Friends of the Earth has [an] effective means of influence – in its news service that is gaining a reputation for objectivity and accuracy." John Gummer (Baron Deben), Conservative Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1989–1993, and Secretary of State for the Environment 1993–1997

"Without there being public support [for councils to take action on climate change] being organised by Friends of the Earth then I would find my job much harder." John Denham MP, Labour Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government 2009-2010