Ask Cardiff Council to get Llanishen Reservoir refilled

Lisvane Reservoir closure notice

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Llanishen Reservoir was built by the Victorians. It is a Grade II listed structure, and the grassland surrounding it is a SSSI.

Western Power Distribution (WPD) the owners of Llanishen Reservoir submitted four planning applications to build homes in the bowl of the reservoir, but Cardiff Council refused to give them planning permission. WPD appealed each time but the planning inspectors at each planning enquiry recommended that the appeal was turned down. WPD also went to court several times to try to get decisions overturned.

In 2010 WPD 'temporarily' drained the reservoir to allow the inspection of some submerged pipework. They have made no attempt to refill it and it remains empty. In April 2013, the Welsh Government turned down WPD's final planning appeal and there is now no reason why the reservoir should not be refilled.

WPD fenced off Llanishen Reservoir soon after they applied for planning permission. They have recently fenced off the neighboring Lisvane Reservoir on the pretext of protecting the SSSI and are restricting access to a short period each year.

Llanishen Reservoir Action Group (RAG) are campaigning for the reservoirs to be returned to use as a public amenity so that the citizens of Cardiff can enjoy sailing, fishing, bird-watching and walking at Llanishen and Lisvane Reservoirs.

Take action

Please sign the petition asking Cardiff Council to take steps to see that the reservoir is refilled.