Is Cardiff a clone town?

The Parliamentary All-Party Group on Small Shops investigated the future of small shops in the UK. Its report High Street Britain: 2015, released in January 2006, predicted a bleak future for independent shops. The report predicted that without protection:

  • Independent convenience stores were unlikely to survive by 2015
  • Independent newsagents were very unlikely to survive by 2015.

A report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) from 2005, Clone Town Britain, found that chain retailers are damaging to the local economy, social inclusion and local identity.

This domination of the market is not healthy for vibrant and diverse local shopping centres. It is bad for the local economy as the profits are sent to the corporate fat cats elsewhere.

Supermarket chains stifling competition

Figures released in March 2011 showed that between them the top four supermarket chains had 66 per cent of the UK grocery market. And the top seven had over 78 per cent of the market. Leaving just under 21 per cent for the independent shops.

Grocery market share %

Tesco 30.3
Sainsbury's 16.5
Morrisons 12.3
Asda 6.9
Waitrose 6.6
Aldi 3.1
Lidl 2.4

In July 2011:

  • Tesco had 19 stores in Cardiff
  • Sainsbury's had five stores in Cardiff
  • Morrison had two stores in Cardiff
  • Asda had four stores in Cardiff
  • Waitrose had three stores in Cardiff
  • Aldi had three stores in Cardiff
  • Lidl had five stores in Cardiff

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